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Malia and Sasha Fan Club

The Malia and Sasha Fan Club was created by Kailysia and Kaila Beckwith on November 22, 2008. MSFC stands for Malia and Sasha Fan Club (Obama children) Acronym FinderAccording to the Post, preceding first children have been adored and highly thought of, but Sasha and Malia take the cake; just ask the creators of the Malia and Sasha Fan Club Web site.--PS Essence MagazineWhile fascination with the Obama girls reverberates across the nation -- a pair of sisters from Tennessee run the Malia and Sasha Fan Club Web site -- it's especially potent in Washington, where the White House can seem like the center of the universe and its residents the most dazzling citizens, Washington Post. The sisters, who were 8 and 10, had a segment on ABC News Nightline.

MSFC Founders, Kailysia and Kaila were featured in the East BayTimes in May, 2009. WREG News Memphis featured the girls as Two Mid-South girls are one step closer to their dream of meeting the first daughters.  On January 25, 2009, they received the BOTDA (Blog of the Day Award). These tweens were also featured in Divine's Magazine 35 People Who Inspire.

Kailysa & Kaila wanted all children to read about what the first African American daughters did in their first year at the White House. With the help of their grandma, the book Our Journey with Radiance and Rosebud was published in 2010. The book is about Kailysia and Kaila taking a virtual Journey with President Obama’s daughters by following them via the news media. The book blossomed from creating the Malia and Sasha Fan Club for kids who are fascinated with America’s First Tweens. Although there are no more hardback/ paperback books, it can be read online (Issuu Publication), digital format on Kindle, or if you live in Memphis, it can be found at Memphis Public Libraries.

Kailysia and Kaila journaled President Obama’s daughters from November 22, 2008 to January 20, 2013. It was not until June, 2018 that they discovered the Malia and Sasha Fan Club weblog had been removed and could not be restored due to time lapse and assumed notification was sent in spam mail. Although the MSFC Link has been deleted, there are articles, news, and videos that substantiate the existence of MSFC.

Copies of Our Journey with Radiance and Rosebud were sent to Congressman Steve Cohen, and he made sure the Obama Family received them. A reliable source sent an email to K&K's grandmother stating she has a friend that has a relative who works for Mrs. Obama, and the friend said she was sure she had seen the book and believes the girls have it. Throughout this journey, Kailysia and Kaila were given tickets from Congressman Steve Cohen to attend the 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll and received a letter from President Obama. Kailysia and Kaila had 12,000 visits to their weblog from 105 countries the first year. MSFC ended with approximately 50,000 visitors.

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